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In the state of Vermont, grandparents may seek visitation rights with a grandchild when the court finds that visitation would be in the best interests of the child. Although the decision is normally left to the child’s parent, Vermont grandparent visitation may be ordered if a parent is:

  • Deceased
  • Physically or mentally incapable of making the decision
  • The child has been abandoned

Another option for grandparents entails filing for guardianship, which would require that the grandparent petition the court.

Do I Need an Attorney Who Specializes in Grandparent Rights?

An attorney is certainly helpful, but not required, in order to petition a court for the establishment of grandparent visitation rights. Moreover, speaking with the proper lawyer will enable you to understand the complicated legal system and help to protect the best interests of all those affected.

The Vermont grandparent visitation attorneys at Patriot Law Group can aggressively represent either side of the grandparent visitation case. If you are a grandparent seeking visitation with your grandchild in Vermont, your success increases when you have documented your relationship.

The court will also consider the:

  • Emotional ties between grandparent and grandchild;
  • Ability of the grandparent to provide love, affection and guidance;
  • Moral fitness and health of the parties, and
  • Nature of the grandparent-grandchild relationship and the desire of both to maintain it.

“Reasonable preference” of the child is a key factor in Vermont grandparent visitation. So long as the child is both mature and old enough to express his or her preference, testimony as to the child’s preference will be considered by the court.

Can a Vermont Family Division Court Modify Grandparent Visitation Orders?

Anything can be changed in Vermont as long as it is consistent with the best interests of the child. A court may modify or terminate any visitation order, issue any orders necessary to the enforcement of rights or the protection of children, and award costs for defending or prosecuting actions related to grandparent visitation issues.

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